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Rhema South

Earlier this year Rhema South approached us to install  a brand new, 8 meter wide 6mm pixel pitch, LED screen for them. The project included two new 4 meter wide projector screens either side of the stage. Processing was handled by Renewed vision's Pro video player and all slides, messages and verses were processed by Renewed vision's Pro Presenter. Live HD video feeds were mixed and processed by Black Magic's Television studio. The processing system, coupled with a very stable HDBaseT and HD-SDI digital video signal transmission system, provided the church with a complete visual make-over.

The installation had to be completed in one week, due to the nature of church time tables, so the pressure was on. The project left the team feeling motivated and energized to complete and hand over within the time frame. After some specialized training, we feel the volunteer team grasped the functionality of the system and are now in complete control of the vast dynamics and flexibility of this sophisticated system. Rhema South is a long standing client of ours, having worked together for more than 20 years, we look forward to another 20 years.

Crossroads Church in Alberton redesign their stage look

We were approached by Crossroads Church in Randhart Alberton, to design and oversee the visual upgrades to their new stage.  The stage size was increased substantially and as a result of which, the church required much larger projector screens than what they were using currently. 

The obvious solution for the system was Christie Digital, and with the help of Christie South Africa, we were able to offer the church an amazing price on two Christie LW555 WXGA units. Signal was processed by Kramer Electronics’ range of DGKAT transmission systems. All video and graphics was handled by Renewed Vision's ProPresenter 5. We installed three 50" LED panels on the back of the stage, which also made use of ProPresenter 5, to handle the media requirements. 

The lighting system provided needed to use as little power as possible, due to restrictions on site. We decided to use a selection of mixed white high power LED parcans, RGBW parcans and SMD5050 LED strips to create the halo around the screens.

Intelligent lighting was provided by the new ACM EXP-5R, which uses the new efficient 189 watt MSD 5R lamp. Needless to say the beams produced the by fixtures and super bright and cut through the auditorium to produce incredible beam and gobo effects. Lighting control is handled by an Avolites Titan Mobile system.

As a whole, the project turned out to be a complete success and the client was quite satisfied with the result. We look forward to the next phase of the system at Crossroads Church. The team of volunteers and staff are all very capable and were a pleasure to work with.


Urban Edge Church

Urban Edge is a longstanding client of Church Production and we are proud to have grown with them over the last 5 years. We have been asked to provide the church with solutions of all sorts and have since integrated a number of high quality solutions ranging from state-of-the-art video switching gear to high performance sound reinforcement equipment. Urban Edge uses Panasonic digital HD projection with content being controlled by Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter. The church has more than 15 LCD panels distributed throughout the facility and their Kramer VS1616D expandable matrix is at the heart of it all, providing full HD video to any display at any time. Sound is produced through an incredible JBL VP series active loudspeaker system, processed by BSS’s BLU range of management systems. The audio is mixed and controlled by a Yamaha LS9 digital console and the musicians are able to customise their monitor mix through their own Aviom personal monitor mixers. Lighting is provided through a host of LED fixtures and Robe intelligent lighting. The system is controlled by Martin’s Light Jockey.

The church is growing in leaps and bounds and Church Production is right there in the background making sure that they have all the technical know-how needed to ensure that their message is delivered.

Eden Gemeente – George

Church Production was commissioned to design an audio, lighting and video projection system for Eden Gemeente’s new church facility. The job called for a high quality audio system and we found that the right product for this job was Turbosound’s new Dublin range. The venue called for a point-source front of house sound reinforcement system consisting of: 4 TCX152 mid/highs and 2 x TCX118B subs. The system was supplemented with 4 x TCX102 cabinets for delays and was processed by DBX’s Driverack 260. Lighting wise, we utilized Longman’s range of LED based fixtures to add rich colours to the stage. InFocus was the projector of choice and Church Production installed 4 x IN5314 HD projectors to get the message across. We supplemented the venue with 8 x 46” LED panels to carry the video to area’s with line-of- sight issues. The complete installation was a great success and the client was quite satisfied with the service received from Church Production. 

New Life Church Mosselbay

Church Production was contacted by New Life Mosselbay, and we were asked to design a complete system for their new auditorium and youth centre. We used HK Audio’s PR:O range of active loudspeakers to provide the auditorium with good clean sound. The projection was handled by a Christie LW555 projector and the lighting effect was achieved with a number of high power LED lighting fixtures. The youth centre was powered by an existing sound system, but we introduced a number of LED based lighting fixtures to create a vibe that suited the venue.

Great to be a part of what New Life church is doing.

Edge Church Cape Town – Youth Centre

Church Production was contracted to design the audio, lighting and video systems in the new youth facility at Edge Church in Cape Town.  The Audio requirement called for a high quality system that would provide a versatile solution. The venue is a multi-purpose facility and as such the audio system needed to be able to provide anything from light background music to a full on band or major production. D&B Audiotechnik’s white range was the obvious choice. The system is powered and processed by D&B’s D6 amplification and is able to produce a perfectly coherent and balanced sound throughout the facility. The system PUMPS!

Projection wise, we used 2 x Christie LW41 units, all running fully digital signals through Kramer processing.  Lighting consists of a number of high power RGBW LED par fixtures and is being controlled by Avolites Titan One. The complete system performs within the churches expectations and Edge Church is very happy with their new gear.